Auditions at Holland Community Theatre

See below for information about the upcoming plays and their auditions.

There is no need to sign up, feel free to come on the day of the audition!

Reading material will be provided for you.

If there is any singing or dancing in the show that will be part of the audition as well.

Some of our shows have Audition Workshops which are very helpful as they will walk you through all of the material including choreography and singing, if applicable.

If needed, callbacks should happen within a day or two of the last audition.

Roles should be handed out within a week of your audition.

Join us!

If you have any questions about Auditions at HCT, please Contact Us!


Sweat Square.png

This season's winter show is holding Auditions on December 5 & 6!

In order to help prepare for this audition, we will be holding an Audition Workshop on December 3rd.

Audition workshop:  December 3 at 9:00 AM at Holland Community Theatre

Auditions: December 5 & 6 at 6:30 PM at Holland Community Theatre

Performances: Feb. 2-4, 10-12, 16-18.

About Sweat:

Sweat tells the story of a group of steel workers in Berks County, Pennsylvania. They have spent their lives sharing drinks, secrets and laughs while working together on the factory floor. But when layoffs and picket lines begin to chip away at their trust, the friends find themselves pitted against each other in a desperate fight to stay afloat. A play about the collision of race, class, family and friendship, and the tragic, unintended costs of community without opportunity. 


The show calls for some specific ethnicities of the actors. Below is a summary of the characters. 


Jessie: Female, 40-49 Ethnicity: White / European Descent 

A steel worker; former hippie, with a warm disposition and easy access to her humor; drowns her sorrows in booze; a sloppy drunk whose anger and disappointment with the cards she’s been dealt, bubble up when she drinks. 


Cynthia: Female, 40-49 Ethnicity: Black / African Descent 

A steel worker; starting at the plant as a teenager, she and Tracey have been best friends ever since, and have given their lives to the line; focused, ambitious and sturdy; despite the derision of her colleagues, she applies for a promotion and finally escapes the line and becomes a floor manager; Cynthia’s loyalty to her colleagues and friends is tested when the closing of the plant is announced; ultimately she can’t save them or herself. 


Tracey: Female, 40-49 Ethnicity: White / European Descent 

A steel worker and true company loyalist. She has given her life to the line; funny, brassy, bossy, opinionated and fiercely loyal; as her life begins to spiral out of control she can no longer manage the cocktail of disillusionment and anger that simmers below her surface 


Jason: Male, 20-30 Ethnicity: White / European Descent 

He has the strong build of a young man who went from the gridiron straight to the production line; a steel worker with deep working class roots, he is proud of his blue collar heritage and still has faith that his life will be spent in the factory; youthful, tough, funny and charismatic; in prison he hardens into a white supremacist, his optimism transforming into rage. 


Chris: Male, 25-45 Ethnicity: Black / African Descent 

An actor for multiple role coverage who can still convincingly play across an age divide between late 20’s-late 30’s/early 40’s; Jason’s best friend; muscular, charismatic, youthful, warm; a steel worker, with aspirations to educate himself and find a life beyond the steel plant; eventually hardened into a disillusioned ex-con; he turns to religion to help him fight his darkness within; this Actor will also cover Brucie. Chris’ father and Cynthia’s estranged husband. Handsome, but fading fast; a former textile factory worker, now a smooth-talking heroin addict. He was once charismatic, but has fully succumbed to his addiction; still capable of being charming, but as his circumstances become increasingly desperate so does his behavior; this Actor will also cover Evan; firm, direct and no-nonsense; a career parole officer; he is committed to helping his parolees succeed through a mixture of tough love and challenge; he can more than take care of himself. 


Stan: Male, 50-59 Ethnicity: White / European Descent 

Friendly but stern, a former steel worker who was injured at the plant; is now the bartender at the local bar that the plant workers frequent; he has watched the lives of his customers play out and is deeply empathetic with their struggles; but his word is the rule of law; it would be a mistake to cross this man. 


Oscar: 20-30 Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic 

Colombian-American; a busboy at the local bar; he keeps to himself, always conscious that in this community of the disenfranchised and powerless he is at the bottom of the heap; when the steel plant locks out the workers, Oscar is willing to risk everything to cross the picket lines and seize the opportunity to better his life; although he was born in Berks County, he is still considered an outsider. 

Babes in Toyland

Nanas Naughty Knickers Square.png

This season's Spring show is holding Auditions on February 6 & 7!

Auditions: Feb. 6 & 7

Performances: Apr. 13-15, 21-23, 27-29.

Tulip Time Performances: May 6-7, 9-13

About Nana's Naughty Knickers:

"Bridget and her grandmother are about to become roommates. However, what Bridget saw as a unique opportunity to stay with her favorite nana in New York for the summer quickly turns into an experience she’ll never forget. It seems her sweet grandma is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling handmade naughty knickers to every senior citizen in the five-borough area! Will Bridget be able to handle all the excitement? Will her nana get arrested – or worse – evicted?"


Little Red Robin Hood

Little Red Robin Hood Square.png

This season's Kids show is holding Auditions on April 24 & 25!

In order to help the kids prepare for this audition, we will be holding Audition Workshops on April 22.

Audition Workshop: Apr. 22

Auditions: Apr. 24 & 25

Performances: July 6-8, 13-15

About Little Red Robin Hood:

"We’ve all seen fractured fairy tales before, but never quite like this one, which takes a hilarious detour through Robin Hood’s Nottingham and Sherwood Forest!  Leave it to the dream team of Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus, writers of multiple scripts for Disney, to come up with a fresh, hysterical twist on characters we all know.  Smart, pretty, and kind, Little Red Robin Hood must deal with the Big Bad Sheriff of the Naughty Hams (the Three Little Pigs, that is!), who do the bidding of Prince John, the vain Emperor who is eager to try on his magic new suit being woven by Cinderella’s deceitful stepsisters.  With Humpty Dumpty, Black Sheep, Rose Red, and Simple Simon acting as her Merry Men, Little Red Robin Hood must save all the village grannies of Sherwood Forest, including her own, an old woman who lives in a shoe, Mother Hubbard, and Mother Goose herself.  Along the way, she also wins the heart of the Pied Piper — aka Marion — who’s a touring celebrity musician with an armload of different Mary’s as groupies."


Babes in Toyland

Honk! Square.png

This season's Teen show is holding Auditions on April 24 & 25!

In order to help the teens prepare for this audition, we will be holding Audition Workshops on April 22.

Audition Workshop: Apr. 22

Auditions: Apr. 24 & 25

Performances: Aug. 3-5, 10-12

About Honk! The Musical:

"Winner of multiple awards, including the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Musical, this heartwarming celebration of being different is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit and memorable score.

Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother's protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little fowl finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out that being different is not a bad thing to be."