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Meet The Board of Directors

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Join us!

Holland Community Theatre takes pride in its efforts to increase diversity on its board and reflect the community of Holland. However, the board acknowledges that there is still much work to be done to better represent the community. As such, the theatre is actively seeking new board members who can bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the table. They believe it is crucial for their board to reflect the same diversity they strive for on stage. Interested individuals can Contact Us to learn more about the theatre, the board, and the responsibilities of being a board member.

Previous Boards

2021-2022 President: Brian M. Everitt Vice President: Jim Griffin Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark Recording Secretary: Marilyn Field Technical: Jim Henke Artistic Director: Cathy Van Lopik Member: Mike Avis Member: Bobbie Brown Member: Joe Crosser Member: Jason Reimink Member: Theenda Yarborough 2020-2021 President: Jim Griffin Vice President: Michael T. Culp Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark Recording Secretary: Marilyn Field Facilities: Brian M. Everitt Technical: Jim Henke Productions Director: Jason Reimink  Buisness/Marketing: Jon Wilmot Member: Mike Avis 2019-2020 President: Deborah Ozga Ruth Vice President: Michael T Culp Recording Secretary: Russell M Gallas Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark Member: Austin Aikens Member: Mike Avis Member: Beth Egge Member: Brian M Everitt Member: Jim Henke Member: Jason Reimink Member: Jennie Vander Lugt Member: Jon Wilmot

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