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Meet The Board of Directors

2022-2023 Board of Directors

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Board Expectations

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to establish goals and objectives for Holland Community Theatre (HCT) which set priorities, plan strategies, and implement strategies agreed upon by consensus of the Board.


Accept responsibility for policy decisions, strategic planning, and financial oversight of HCT.

Provide the community with quality plays of the highest artistic standard.

Operate HCT in a fiscally responsible manner.

Help raise money by identifying and nurturing potential donors, sponsors, and underwriters.

Make a continual effort to offer time, talent, and gifts to HCT.


Encourage friends, colleagues, and the community as a whole to become involved with HCT.

Promote attendance of all HCT productions.

Maintain an inviting atmosphere of hospitality so everyone connected with HCT, whether patron, actor, or volunteer desires to return.

Remain current on local, regional, and national theatre issues.

Share personal testimony regarding the importance of HCT (and the arts in general) with the community, educational institutions, and governmental and corporate leaders.


Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Attend the annual Board retreat.

Participate in some aspect of every production, i.e., artistic, auditions, usher, concession, house manager, etc.

Support HCT by attending performances.

Previous Boards

President: Brian M. Everitt
Vice President: Jim Griffin
Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark
Recording Secretary: Marilyn Field
Technical: Jim Henke
Artistic Director: Cathy Van Lopik
Member: Mike Avis
Member: Bobbie Brown
Member: Joe Crosser
Member: Jason Reimink
Member: Theenda Yarborough


President: Jim Griffin
Vice President: Michael T. Culp
Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark
Recording Secretary: Marilyn Field
Facilities: Brian M. Everitt
Technical: Jim Henke
Productions Director: Jason Reimink 
Buisness/Marketing: Jon Wilmot
Member: Mike Avis


President: Deborah Ozga Ruth
Vice President: Michael T Culp
Recording Secretary: Russell M Gallas
Treasurer: Laurie Van Ark
Member: Austin Aikens
Member: Mike Avis
Member: Beth Egge
Member: Brian M Everitt
Member: Jim Henke
Member: Jason Reimink
Member: Jennie Vander Lugt
Member: Jon Wilmot

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