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Producing at Holland Community Theatre

Except for the artistic performance of the actors, the Producer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the physical production of the play, including auditions, rehearsals, performances, strike and post-strike, keeping the show within budget limitations.

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Producers will be keyholding positions of HCT and will assume duties as such according to the safety and liability of the building.


The Producer must be approved by the Board of Directors 


Audition/Pre-Rehearsal Preparation

  • Confirm audition, box office opening, and performance dates.

  • Ensure necessary show materials are available to production team.

  • Read the play before auditions.

  • Obtain Producer show book from Production Committee, which will include, but may not be limited to: 

    • Keys to Theatre for Self, Director, and Assistant Director, along with check out and in sheet

    • Job Descriptions for all Production Team Positions

    • Contact Information for Board Members and Theatre Personnel

    • Emergency Procedures

    • Current Partner Vendor Lists and Contact Information

    • Resource Documents for Auditions, Crew Chiefs, and Production Processes

    • Membership Forms for Current Season

    • Blank Complimentary Ticket Vouchers

  • Appoint qualified Stage Manager.

  • Meet with Director, Assistant Director, Stage Manager, and Music Director, if applicable, before auditions to confirm audition location, production and rehearsal schedules, and special needs to achieve Director’s vision.

  • Work with Director and Treasurer to develop show budget.  Treasurer will present to Board.

  • Coordinate with Marketing/Publicity to make sure publicity goes out in time for auditions

  • Coordinate with Production Committee to assign Crew Chiefs: Set Design, Set Construction, Set Painting, Set Dressing, Lights, Sound, Props, Costumes, Makeup/Hair.  

  • Distribute job description, membership forms, comp voucher, and script to each crew chief.  Assist in staffing department crew members.

  • Arrange Production meeting before auditions – Production team and crew chiefs.  Distribute and discuss production calendar through strike, including future meetings.  Distribute contact information for each member of Production staff.  Distribute individual budgets to each Crew Chief, with the reminder that receipts will be required for any purchases made on behalf of the show.

  • Ensure audition forms and calendars are prepared for audition dates.  Coordinate with Office Assistant if assistance with this is needed.

  • Coordinate with Facilities Manager to prepare audition space.

  • Assist Board Members with staffing auditions; communicate any special sections of audition materials if necessary

  • Producer attends Auditions: introduce self, instruct on HCT membership requirements, encourage people to sign up for crews if they are not cast, and introduce production team.

  • After show is cast, collect all audition sheets from Director.  Document any indicated interest in helping out on crews and communicate with interested party to compile contact lists for appropriate crew heads.  Provide audition forms to Office Assistant to perform background checks when needed, for entry into volunteer Master List, and for refile in audition box. 



  • At first rehearsal/read-through introduce theatre policies, provide show-specific contact information, distribute Membership forms and complimentary ticket vouchers to cast.  Follow-up to make sure cast, production team, and crew chiefs complete membership within first week after read-through.

  • Make sure Production deadlines are being met.  Check with Director regularly.  Have Production meetings as needed.

  • Mediate any cast/crew personnel issues.  If necessary, contact Producer Liaison or HCT President.

  • Work with Playbill Manager to make sure all cast, crew, and other volunteers are included.  Assist Playbill Manager with confirming name spelling and special notes.  

  • Provide Playbill Manager with:

    • Cast, Production Team and Crew Chief bio sheets or written bios

    • Names of all crew volunteers

    • Director’s Note

    • Special Thanks or Outstanding Contributions

  • Confirm t-shirt artwork with Director and coordinate the purchase of, collection for and distribution of merchandise.

  • Arrange with HCT Photographer to take show photos: headshots for the development of the Playbill, dress rehearsal shots for the lobby board, photo CDs, and photo albums.  Coordinate with Photographer regarding CD orders and payment from cast and crew.

  • Procure a Cast member to make arrangements for gifts for the production team, generally including: Director, Assistant Director, Music Director, and sometimes including Choreographer and Stage Manager, at the discretion of the cast.

  • Coordinate meals for extensive crew, technical, and performance days, if allowed in the show budget.

  • Coordinate with Facilities manager for cleaning of auditorium and arranging chairs before Final Dress Rehearsal.  Ensure Cast and Crew have removed personal belongings.

  • Confirm show staff: stage crew, hair/makeup, technical, etc.  Ensure all positions are filled for the duration of run.



  • Coordinate with Hospitality Committee Chair concerning Opening Night Socials and assist in staffing when needed

  • Assist Stage Manager with production troubleshooting, e.g.: alternate staffing, broken props, damaged costumes, etc.

  • Organize Cast and Crew Party.  Schedule, find location, arrange details: food, entertainment, gifts, etc.  Ensure all members of cast and crew are notified and invited.


Strike and Post-Strike

  • Coordinate soft and hard strike with Crew Chiefs, Producer Liaison, and Stage Manager.

  • Inform Crew Chiefs they should be present and prepared to remove all departmental items from the theatre.

  • Be present to supervise and organize delegated tasks.  

  • Ensure entire stage, backstage, and dressing areas are cleaned and swept or vacuumed.

  • Ensure all public areas of the theatre are cleaned and swept or vacuumed.

  • Ensure all curtains, flats, stage drapes, and hardware are stored correctly and safely to avoid injury and damage.

  • Assist Crew Chiefs with arranging for transport and storage of all set, prop, costume, decor, and building items

  • Ensure cast and crew remove all personal items from theatre.

  • Make sure show rentals (music books, scripts) are returned to rental company immediately following closing night.

  • Make sure all remaining expenses/receipts are submitted to Office Assistant within two weeks of strike.

  • Complete a post-show discussion with the Production Committee and return producer show book with all necessary components.

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